We are building a very high trust world

20 years to gain confidence, 5 minutes to lose it

What we contribute to solve ?

Everybody have in mind all the wonderful things we can do with our mobile, but now we need to be safe from a new form of digital colonization. The Terradoxa ecosystem allows everyone to regain control of their data

Beware of the dangers of the web (see videos below)

Social credit

The Chinese government rates its citizens to classify and register them. Digital technology is used as a coercive tool against all

Tracking our life

Total surveillance is not a myth. This satirical illustration highlights what is known about you and how it could be used

data theft

You like the giants of the web? So do they. They know us in 8 clicks better than our relatives

Asocial network

The social networks inventors openly assume that they have manipulated our brains with dopamine for immediate pleasure

Who listens ?

The voice command of our smartphone listens to us constantly. It is not respectful of our privacy

Mass handling

Mass manipulation has reached the threshold of confidence crisis. Never take what we see for the absolute truth

a smartphone image with terradoxa

For people

With a strong identity, the user is able to easily control his data and protect it against looting and save precious time.
For example, to make CV or business card. He publishes them and unpublishes them freely, anonymously and controls the access history online. It is up to recruiting office to adapt, no longer up to the user.
A lot of features are coming to make the internet a secure, frequentable and convenient place.

a smartcity state plateform according Terradoxa

Terradoxa As A State Plateforme

Our technological enablers such as unique digital identity, blockchain or AI, through the domains below, allow us to cover more than 2,000 state functionalities with the Terradoxa platform to build a true digital nation



Terradoxa is a French company registered in the Nanterre trade register.
To find out more, scan the QR-code below and feel free to ask us questions using the form

Informations légales

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