Edito from Emmanuel


It is with great pride and determination that we have developed, as passionate and committed citizens, this fundamental patent for the future of digital nations to become modern and responsible nations: NON-COERCITIVE digital identity with high probative value. We published this patent on August 26, 2021 after five intense years of hard work.

We humbly draw your attention to the great harmfulness of today's digital that surreptitiously and blindly leads us into a multi-layered totalitarianism. Digital dictatorship is a black hole from which we will not return.

Yet digital is just a tool to serve people. Like any science, it is neither good nor bad. We can also make digital a weapon of mass protection to allow us to protect our digital integrity from these phygital people that we have become..

There is a dire political choice to be made. In the city, a citizen is subject to societal issues on which he must express consciously. Concerning the "societal digital" a citizen will have to make the following choice:

1°) To fully and completely control his personal data according to the principles of the GDPR as we know them today while remaining in control of the sharing. This is the Terradoxa's project to write a page of our digital rights, in the constitution,

2°) Consent to an active identification in the public space relayed by 30 million public cameras. The Chinese social credit is arriving in France. It is a simplistic and deadly project thought out for the sole interests of a powerful minority.

These two approaches are perfectly irreconcilable, and rest on a societal choice and the use of our tax dollars.

Our conscience tells us to allow democracy to defend itself against any form of arbitrary and dictatorial authorities who will apply without trembling, the social credit. Why should France be an exception when it takes the path of the restriction of rights, for all the good rights, for all the good reasons of which the hell is paved, but of which we know them so tinged with uncertainties and inconsistencies. Our freedom is not negotiable.

We are able to provide the best legal probity in the world with this patent drafted with the guidance of Novagraaf International SA. This probity is a powerful driver of TRUST. Trust largely ruined by 2 years of Macronism and catastrophic inquinquennate. This also teaches us about the people that we are at the same time rough in conviction and fragile in law while we are are reputed to be the country of the law.

We need an all-hands-on-deck strategy with highly qualified, trusted people to defend our qualified people to defend our model of society and francophonie.

The main beneficiaries are: "the citizens who want to live together and free", who who want to defend their rights and the constitution. Each citizen can and must become a shareholder in the digital social pact of tomorrow of tomorrow's digital social pact to defend it with a single voice.

Thus, it is a firm message of absolute resistance that we address in conscience to the world, to follow up on over 200 posts on linkedin since July 12 2021 of which about fifteen and not the least have been purely and simply censored.

With all the sincere friendship of a team that works for the common good,

Emmanuel PESENTI