A sovereign alternative

The giants of the web provide the service identity. Their omnipresence allows them to identify us as a product. The low level of security on the web is maintained by the supranational will of organizations like the the NSA capable of access to any information, even confidential information, from anywhere in the world to fight against terrorism (Cloud Act).

But honest citizens are not terrorists and must be respected. This is the alternative model of Terradoxa.

Sovereign identity is technically identical to the terradoxa-powered service identity. In practice, governments must seize it and appropriate it to implement their own services. Terradoxa accompanies them.

dynamic image showing the authentication by reading scrambled qr-code

Authentication / SSO

Terradoxa facilitates access to sensitive sites secured with a digital identity unique with a very high evidential value.

The user saves time and has the guarantee of an ethical service that respects his exposure on the web. The creation of his identity is free and no one else can deliberately access his data without his consent. and within the limits of the law of the country where he lives.

The service provider secures its offer while presenting the guarantees of a customer journey. It instantaneously has information equivalent to an email address, which is the equivalent of an e-mail address. business card. "NAME", "FIRST NAME", "E-MAIL", with the difference that the user can take it back at any time with one click.