data Granularity

Good management of the level of granularity of the data exchanged is the key to success for a sustainable web. coarse-grained granularity is not optimal.

Terradoxa produces a secure, practical and universal personal data passport. Data is stored where it is produced. Its owners can see them share them and take them back. This provides optimal granularity.

Some data should only be modified by regulated professionals (health data, justice data, etc.).

To consume ethically is first of all to control the dispersion of one's own data. This is what Terradoxa does, in transparency.

doc Granularity

The paper must not disappear. Terradoxa considers it as a luxury good that has no place in most processes. administrative, because it is too expensive, too chonophagus, for the totality of the population, and indirectly too polluting. The paper should be used for books and magazines that convey culture through time.

Terradoxa wants to break with the administrative use of paper. Paper is now only a final format at the end of procedural chain.