Artificial intelligence

Terradoxa is currently developing and maintaining several artificial intelligence modules. They are only used for the creation of terradoxa's strong digital identity.

During the process of initialising its identity, terradoxa undertakes to ask only once any perennial and confidential information of the user, in order to ensure its resilience and integrity.

logo de terradoxa: the digital nation in action

Focus on Facial Recognition

the use of facial recognition techniques are not insignificant. Their misuse can be difficult to detect. It is an attack on individual freedoms and the sovereignty of countries when they use foreign technologies. It is said that a country, however democratic it may be, can quickly slide towards generalised surveillance. Even if the objectives are other digital solutions are possible in order to fully respect individual liberties while at the same time fighting against the effectiveness against terrorism. Of course a powerful state will show off its good intentions, but it will not tell you that it is building something less virtuous for individual liberties, related to a political and economic strategy of its own.

Terradoxa produces an artificial intelligence for facial recognition so that our data is no longer subject to political speculation. and economic development of certain players. Thus our so-called societal intelligences are produced with the assumed aim of protecting them against any identity theft or theft of sensitive datas. In the current state of the art, the virtuous model of terradoxa is the only one that can be used to prevent to be able to take up the challenge of secure use for an infinite number of users around the world, wherever they live.