Our history

September 2019 marks the birth of Terradoxa by two ambitious and passionate technophiles, born of multiple observations:

Our present and future freedom is seriously affected by misuse, dangerous and furthermore, misguided use of the Internet. and more elitist of global digital practices.

  • For us, the Edward Snowden's revelations of June 6, 2013, mark an indelible turning point in the human digital adventure.
  • For us, the facebook cambridge analytica case of May 2018, clearly shows the harmfulness of digital technology but also its omnipotence.
  • For us, Chinese social credit in test phase since 2018, and their ability to build the BATX in barely 5 years, has questioned us a lot in our certainties.
  • The initial speed of Terradoxa and its trajectory originate with le think-tank french-Road.fr créé in January 2017 acknowledging Emmanuel PESENTI's desire to provide a disruptive alternative to digital uses. The observation of the fabulous capacity of digital governance in the countries of North-East Europe confirmed the idea that it was possible.

We are therefore building a high level technological architecture for countries committed to democracy. and anxious to provide their citizens with a high-quality, reliable, resilient, secure and respectful digital service privacy by design (in accordance with RGPD).

Terradoxa's vision has always been international. We design solutions adapted to the needs of specific client governments around the world, first of all in Europe and Africa, because we are a leading supplier of the 2 continents that are the least well off in terms of digital technology and that a certain balance is needed so that the world lives in peace each one at home.

Our team is the symbol of this vision. Excellence, diversity and passion are very important. for Terradoxa, too, we bring together women and men of diverse talents and origins, sharing the same values and the same ideal of freedom. The combination of these free spirits allows us to build serenely a future that makes sense for humanity.