Friends, partners, customers

Since January 2017, the founders and associates of Terradoxa are committed with conviction to the urgent need to offer the world a salutary rebalance capacities and concrete actions in favour of sovereignty digital. Starting with Europe and Africa,

We tell all of our friends and partners that the time for discussions on what should have been done since 1980 is finished. Terradoxa and all its partners committed to working for the digital common good and intends to contribute to offering its services within a strict regulatory framework and ethical, for and by the user and his needs well understood.

To share our vision, our ecosystem and our faith in the future, you must :
  • sign the ethical charter for tomorrow's digital world,
  • accept our confidentiality agreements which stipulate the obligation not to disclose any information store our exchanges and our industrial confidences on a tool that can be used to foreign countries subject to the American Cloud Act. The latter being prejudicial to the interests of States to dispose of their right to digital sovereignty,
  • join the organisational device on telegram to coordinate in full security and confidentiality.

There are no better offers and better commitments than this one. The contract of trust is what our users and the free citizens of the world expect whole. A contract of trust that no longer puts at risk their freedom and digital privacy.